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I hope you had a chance to enjoy those summer months/weeks/days.  
Alas, *blink* GONE!

We were lucky to embark on an August road trip to Canada’s beautiful east coast, including whale-watching, Sea-doo-ing, sea-fooding & sight-seeing. And plenty of driving: over 4,500 km (2800 miles) in 2 weeks – through Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia and back via Maine, USA. 
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Above – Old Quebec City: mere weeks before we fired them off to school. Not literally.
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Well, it’s back into the routine. As we ramp up for our final quarter of 2015 here are some summer highlights from the stationary segment of the studio schedule:
As much as summer went by in the blink of an eye – my scene in SUITS (USA Network / Bravo Canada) – even more so.

If you watched season 5 of the popular show recently you might have seen the episode I appeared in.
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I auditioned for a small speaking role and got it. However, when I showed up on set I discovered my second scene involved taking selfies and joking around with legendary basketball giant,
Charles Barkley!

* * * * *
* * * * *
Above are actual selfies taken during the scene.
I was thoroughly surprised and entirely star-struck. 
Pretty obvious, I know.

My smile is 100% genuine. ‘Sir Charles‘ is 100% cool.

Also this summer I was brought on board for a 13-spot voice over campaign for Mercedes-Benz USA.

No basketball superstars were involved.
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Mercedes-Benz USA: Voice Over by Rory O'Shea
Mercedes-Benz USA:
Voice Over by Rory O’Shea
* click image to play *