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In this acting & voice-over update:
* Teaching Proper Manners for Executives 
* Reporting on the World’s Imminent Demise
* Speaking with a Russian Accent
I know. Could be news coming out of Washington lately.
Are the above items alternative facts or real acting & VO news?
You be the judge. Do scroll.
I embraced my generic “newscaster” persona again for a new television series: Salvation
airing on CBS this summer. In a nutshell: An MIT grad student and a tech superstar make a staggering discovery – an asteroid is only six months away from colliding with Earth! 

Hopefully it won’t spoil Christmas.

(Ed. note – the above news item is real news about a show conveying alternative facts. Hollywood style. Fiction. TV.  Regardless, this news with yours truly as a news anchor will eventually make it to this IMDB profile page for this intrepid reporter.  
And that’s a fact but not necessarily news.  No FBI personnel were affected as a result of this news.)
I was hired to narrate a 15-part series of tutorials for Corporate Class Inc. which conducts “Executive Presence Training For Individuals”  (i.e. basic etiquette for managers, presidents, CEOs, etc.)
Audio tutorial topics include –
  • First Impressions
  • Presentation Skills: Your On-Stage Presence
  • Body Language
  • Micro-facial Expressions
  • How to Command and Work any Room
  • Professional Appearance
  • Executive Dining: Hosting Business Meals & Dining Tutorial
To properly prepare for my sessions in the recording booth I was conscious of my articulation. And my posture. A napkin on my lap was maybe a bit much.

My recent voice over projects covered the spectrum from formal to fun. From Executive Presence for CEOs – to playing online with H2O.

For the online game ‘Briquid‘ the game’s creator requested a Russian accent for the voice over.
Do I know why? Nyet.

To properly prepare for this particular H2O-themed assignment I drank water. Russian water. That was water, right Vlad? Please play responsibly.


“It has been a pleasure working with you. I’ve appreciated your speed, professionalism and quality of your work.”

Mark Mykytiuk
Creative Director