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Fall Speed Ahead

I trust this finds you well and embracing everything that is autumn.  All is well and, well, it’s fall.  So here are some highlights from summer:   a)    Family trip to Germany, Austria & Ireland b)    Voice over projects listed below c)    Purchased a... read more

Gold Digging with NatGeo

Dillon (6.96 yrs) & Teaghan (9) * * * * * A we prepare to nog some eggs and fire up the chestnuts here’s hoping you can spend time with family and friends over the holiday season. Whatever you celebrate may it be full of joy, happiness & peace.  Thank... read more

VO Acting – From Screams to Screens

After coming off a winter that was one wicked slice of the ice age for epic snow, cold, wind, e-t-t-t-cetera, I’m here to report my newsletter-typing digits have sufficiently thawed due to how HOT these featured voice-over items were.  Ok, really warm.  Would... read more

Irish Eyes Smiling

Today the world is a little greener in celebrations of Ireland’s patron saint.  May warm wishes help you usher in springtime & put a spring in your step. Sláinte!  (To your good health) * * * * Dillon O’Shea (6) & Teaghan O’Shea (8) The... read more

Getting Lucky on ABC

 I trust you’ve settled into your glorious routine by now and hope you had an enjoyable summer.  We embarked on weekend road trips through July & August here in big, beautiful Ontario, Canada and took the kids everywhere from Niagara Falls to Bridal Vail... read more

Nostalgia Voice Over

 Hope you’re keeping cool and enjoying summer.  It was a bumpy start for us when the youngest member of our team broke his arm on the second day of sport camp! The cast may not have tickled going on – but it had Dillon (5) in stitches coming off. * * * * *... read more

The Voices You Are Hearing Are Mine

Hope you’re well on that end and finding a “spring” in your step. You know, I often wonder how to include a recent snap of my kids without boring you.  How do I make it relevant to my news – or at least thematic?  Well, I may be a few days... read more

New Year – New Voice Overs & On-Camera

Here’s to your good health & spirits and I hope that 2013 is unfolding nicely for you. Our New Year came in with a bang as we had a date with the big mouse in Orlando.   New Year’s Eve also coincides with our son, Dillon’s birthday.  We tell him... read more

Christmas 2012

Festive Greetings! Warmest wishes to you & your family. I hope you can spend time with family & friends over the holidays – a joyous, magical time for children.  In light of recent events we’re holding our 5yr-old & 7yr-old that much tighter. ... read more

Fall into Autumn Voice Over Update

I trust you’re well and have settled back into your routine by now.  I also hope you had time to enjoy a summer break.  It really does go quickly! The cast members of our casa embarked on a somewhat epic roots-related journey to Scotland & Ireland –... read more

Your Can-Am VO Update

Before everyone in Canada and the US starts setting fireworks a-blazin’ and singing anthems & ‘Happy Birthday’ to their respective nations – I wanted to poke my head in to wish you a fantastic & safe summer, from imedge communications... read more

MAY (this be your favourite) VO Update

I hope this finds you well and in good spirits.  Hey, welcome to May!  May I share some highlights from the past couple of months?  Thank you.  I’ll make this quick. Below are some of the cool voice over projects that have come to the surface in the last little... read more

St. Patrick’s Day – VO Update

A fine Irish toast with friends: “May the roof above us never fall in – and the friends below it never fall out” Top o’ the Mornin’ to Ya! Just pokin’ me head in for a wee moment to say hello; to spread a little friendship &... read more

Voice Over Update – Medically Speaking

I hope 2012 is working out nicely for you so far.  It’s got to be better than what the Mayan calendar has in store for us.  Ah, let’s cheer up & peek at the Chinese calendar instead (far more optimistic).  It’s the Year of the Dragon and good... read more

Catching Up Before The Leaves Fly

My last note to you was at the start of summer which went by quickly once again. I hope you had a chance to enjoy some down time.  Look, you’re taking time off right now just reading this.  That’s good.  This is a special moment we’re sharing.  We... read more

Voice Over Update – The Flag-Waver

I hope you’ve been keeping well on that end. We’re officially into summer – celebrating Canada Day (July 1st – 1867) and our stateside friends cheering Independence Day (July 4th – 1776). (Ed note: Apparently it’s best to wait until... read more