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Friendly salutations to my American friends & clients – happy 4th of July in advance! I hope you enjoy some time with family & friends. If you hear partying & fireworks from your upstairs neighbours it’s because we’re doing some national celebrating ourselves for Canada Day, July 1st.

That day in 1867 when igloos coast to coast were connected by a national dog sled transportation system led by Prime Minister Tim Horton to unite hockey teams to drink maple syrup-flavoured beer out of moose-shaped glasses.

And yes, I spelled “neighbours” and “favoured” with a “u”. 
What can I say except sorry.  That’s how we roll.

* * *

Canadian & US flags

Canadians & Americans – we all enjoy movies.  As for recent voice over highlights I had fun doing the trailer for this flick.
It’s Canadian by the way:
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‘Big News from Grand Rock’

 * * * * *  

As much as Canadians are inclined to say “sorry” we’re also an appreciative lot.  And with that I’d like to say thanks a lot to everyone who made my recent mission possible.  In my previous newsletter I mentioned I registered the team, Peg’s Leg-acyto raise funds in the Relay for Life on June 13th.

I’m thrilled to announce that with the kindness & generosity of so many supporters I raised $10,725.00 for the Canadian Cancer Society in the name of a phenomenal woman –
my mum Peggy Delaney.

While I’m getting all gracious I’d like to tip my hat to
Kevin Airgid for my recent brand/logo update plus
full website overhaul. 

It’s now mobile-friendly to browse with
ease on your iPhone, android, tablet, iPad. 
So when you’re mobile I’m now extra friendly.  
All part of that Canadian thing.