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Additional VO

Stage Productions Voice Over
We specialize in creating excitement in 30 seconds to fill CURTAINS
the seats of any venue!

When a new production hits the stage we’re ready to nail the
copy to achieve sold-out performances.

‘Forever Plaid’ – Toronto

‘Fawlty Towers’ – Toronto

Automotive Voice Over
We’ll help drive more customers to your dealerships with unbeatable vocal performance in your automotive voice over.  Whether launching a new luxury model or clearing inventory we’ll perform the ultimate vehicle assist & deliver a 30-second radio or television voice over that will connect better than rubber to asphalt.

Movie Trailer Voice Over

From suspense to romance, adventure to comedy, your movie trailer
voice over needs to match the mood of whatever genre you’re focusing on with a voice over to set up the scenes perfectly. This is a precise spotlight that needs to showcase a 2-hour feature in 2 minutes or less.  It better be good!

Concert Promo Voice Over
From classical to classic rock and everything in between.concert
We’ll provide the range to cover all genres for any live concert scene.  From intimate soft-seater settings to stadium spectaculars – listen to the different approaches below.

Imaging / Branding Voice Over

Whether the format is news & information, country, rock, contemporary hits, urban, entertainment or lite rock, your station voice IS the station itself.  It needs to be a representation of your brand.

Regardless of the medium a radio or television voice over needs to establish a tone, feel, style & personality of a station & brand that dial position on each subsequent visit.  The voice you choose is as vital a part of the station as the on-air staff, marketing team & sales force.