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Back from a few days in NYC. Took pics below of Lady Liberty .

Wanted to really get inside her head. So we did.
Fun with friends ascending interior spiral staircase.
Not for the faint of heart – or heights.

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A French gift to the US in 1886, to commemorate a century of American independence, she represents freedom, justice & liberty.

Almost 700 years earlier a little document was hammered out in England on those very principles.

Considered as the foundation of modern democracy the Magna Carta, issued by King John in 1215, established that everybody, even the king, was subject to the rule of law.
Today, the historic charter is the cornerstone of key human rights & legal documents around the world, including Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

In honour of the document’s 800th anniversary Canadians have had the chance to view it – with the Toronto tour stop at Fort York running until Nov. 7th.

Included is a video presentation in which I dial in my British accent to supply the voice of Baron Robert FitzWalter who contributed to Magna Carta becoming part of the fabric of English political society.

(Ed. note – I had to travel to Manhattan for that segue)

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 Magna Carta’s key principles:
* Nobody is above the law of the land: The basis of equal justice at all levels of society.
* Habeas Corpus: Freedom from unlawful detention without cause or evidence.
* Trial by jury: Rules to settle disputes between barons and the Crown established trial by a jury of one’s peers.
* Women’s rights: A widow could not be forced to marry and give up her property – a major first step in women’s rights.


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We’ve come a long way in 800 years since Magna Carta.  
People communicate & network in different ways.  
With far fewer being burned at the stake.
I connected with CISCO for the voice overs on these spots.
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