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If you’re lucky enough to be Irish, you’re lucky enough.
Regardless of your heritage I hope this day – and every day – finds you well and with a smile.  And if you find you’re in need of a narrator for a project – as luck would have it – I’m just an email away.  Smiling.

Irish eyes smiling in County Kerry – Summer 2014 
Dillon & Teaghan 

Seems as grand a day as any to share a little Irish character voice over.  Literally –
a little Irish character – known as the Leprechaun King.
(click image to play video)
The UNBELIEVABLES - Leprechaun King VO: Rory O'Shea


A comedy/action series about the wildest top-secret superhero team the world has ever seen!

Leprechaun King VO: Rory O’Shea

(I always wanted to be a superhero)
Until next time, I’ll leave you with an Irish blessing: 
May you never find trouble,
All crowdin’ and shovin’;
But always good fortune,
All smilin’ and lovin’.