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Hey there, hi there & ho ho ho there! Happy December.
Here I am to spread my own unique brand of festive joy with
the holiday season upon us.
The other season is almost here. Winter.
Jack Frost officially rings our bell at 

11:58 pm (ET) on December 21st.

Around that same time his summer sibling ushers in the other solstice for our friends in the southern hemisphere.
Happy summer, down under!
* * * * *


Regardless of the season both hemispheres get storms. But ours are more exciting. Why else would National Geographic – Australia/New Zealand purchase the 13-episode Storm Hunters series from Canada’s Weather Network?

Ok, you’re right. They caught wind of the fact that I was narrator.

(Ed. – forgive witty weather word-play followed by
statement void of humility)

Let’s see what other voiceover-related shenanigans
I got up to since I last chimed in.

It’s the holiday season – winter season – and hockey season.  
A gaggle of NHL alumni were asked about their stats – including the most important one of all.
* * *
NHL Alumni PSA - Voice Over by Rory O'Shea
NHL Alumni PSA: Voice Over by Rory O’Shea

One thing the Toronto Maple Leafs haven’t had to worry about in 45 years –  putting their back out by lifting the Stanley Cup.

 However, in case of an aggressive golf swing
come spring (too soon?) – there’s always ALEVE.  

ALEVE: Voice Over by Rory O'Shea
ALEVE: Voice Over by Rory O’Shea