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Just poking my head in as a friendly reminder for voice over & narration services provided from a spiffy studio. Drop me a line any time for a free custom audition & quote for whatever you’re working on currently or planning in future.

Scroll down to see & hear projects I’ve been involved with – from television commercials to scientific & medical animation videos. I’ll even share highlights from the junior members of the team pictured here.
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2018 is marching right along – and the month of March means doing just that in the local St. Patrick’s Day parade for the O’Sheas.

With their Irish eyes a-smilin‘ – Teaghan (12) and Dillon (10) 
march down Toronto’s Yonge Street last Sunday. 

Saturday, March 17th is St. Paddy’s Day. It’s fun for the whole planet !

As an old Irish expression goes – 
Get down on your knees and thank God you are still on your feet.  Always loved that one. However, sometimes your feet get tired.  You need a ride. 
Mercedes Benz C300 to the rescue in this commercial. 

(Ed. note: You’ll also see people running and pedaling. 
Feet are responsible I hope those individuals are grateful)
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Well, enough of me tooting my own horn (C300, or otherwise.  And by otherwise, I mean mini-van).  

Allow me to express my inner Irish pride and showcase Teaghan and Dillon O’Shea’s voice over talents.  

First, Teaghan voicing this national television spot “running” during the 2018 Winter Paralympic Games
for Canadian Tire’s Jump Start Program.

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From the above spot about literally running on alternative resources – to, well, the same theme but different applications for the one below. 

I’ll let Dillon guide you through this piece from

Southern California Edison.
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We now resume with our regularly scheduled newsletter – 
and me tooting my (non-C300) horn.  For the past 15 years, I have carved myself a little niche in the
medical-pharma-scientific world of voiceover.  

While this newsletter’s theme is Irish – 
the following terminology occasionally tests my English.
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