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Marketers and advertising agencies say – grab an email recipient’s attention with the subject line.  As in…
“Successful Summit – yet War Imminent.”
No, this isn’t about world leaders chumming around
or the threat of pushing the biggest button.  No, no, no.
But it’s not fake news, or tragic news either. Just happy voice-over news. Or, at least a couple of recent VO highlights of mine to take your mind off the endless cycle of all the other news.
It’s the little things we do to try to brighten someone’s day.
* * * * *
Below, you’ll see how the subject line shakes out in this quarterly update.

“Successful Summit” is what Swiss company

Mammut has been preparing alpinists and mountaineering adventurists for since 1862.

that’s 156 years in business!!
How do they do it?

They’re always aiming for the top!

I’ll let them use that one. I like to alp out wherever I can.

Ok, sorry. It’s the altitude.
Here, the hills are alive with the sound of…my voice.
(click image to see/hear)
* * * * *


After scaling that mountain peak – you then have to get down. And the finest, funkiest fashion in which to really
get down – is to add the sweet, soulful sounds of
these musical warriors to your descent.
This band of brothers was all over the radio airwaves in the 1970s.  They’re currently on tour and taking no prisoners.
Here’s an ad currently running all over the radio airwaves in Western New York and Southern Ontario, announcing their
low-riding pit-stop at Niagara Fallsview Casino.
“War is imminent” in August!
* * * * *
* * * * *


“You sound amazing on these!”

(Mercedes-Benz TV spots)

Jean-Sébastien Robitaille
CEO / Composer – JSR MUSIK
Happy 4thin advance, to clients, colleagues and friends, stateside.
In advance of that – Happy Canada Day for July 1st!
Canadian & US flags
* * * * *