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 If you’re like me you’re counting the days before a little summertime R&R.  But before I put my feet up I’ll be giving them a workout in the Relay for Life June 13th in Toronto, raising funds in the fight against cancer.


I lost mum to cancer 5 years ago.  She would’ve turned 91 this week.  Peggy was a vital force and would walk everywhere so this seemed a fitting tribute.


I’ve raised over $9000.00 so far en route to a $10,000.00 goal.  You’re welcome to make a donation & get a tax receipt by clicking the link below & contributing to team ‘Peg’s Leg-acy‘.  No pressure of course.  Just letting you know what I’m up to. 
No amount is too small and everything is appreciated:Securely & safely donate by

Find out more about an incredible woman named Peggy
who was no stranger to a microphone herself by

Summertime math:  Hot weather = cold beverages.  A restaurant chain solving the equation for decades – A&W – asked me to provide the voice over on this vintage-style TV spot.  So I dialed in a 1950’s vibe & rolled out a retro groove for the VO:


While there are fun jobs like the previous one – other projects require an empathetic & compassionate tone.  That’s the case with this ad which you may have seen online: