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I trust this finds you well. Back into your groove following summer – when you hopefully had some time to chill.

We were lucky enough to visit Vancouver Island, British Columbia – a little piece of paradise called Tofino – about as far west as you can get in Canada. A wonderful destination via the spectacular Canadian Rockies in celebration of Canada’s 150th birthday.

We also went camping. In a tent.
Looking forward to doing that again next summer. Just not in a tent.

Actually, the rig pictured here would be ideal. I could record on the road. But the full studio set-up doesn’t allow for a sleeping area.
So I’d also have to bring a tent. Never mind.

* * * * *
* * * * *
This vintage Air Stream trailer is actually a fully functioning voice over booth/edit suite at The Metrick System
The Toronto ad agency rings in at #2 on the list of world’s coolest corporate headquarters according to The Wall Street Journal.
The trailer is parked on 2nd floor. Less traffic noise to eliminate in post.

Did I already mention it’s Canada’s “150th” birthday? Well, besides the fact that our indigenous nations were residents millennia beforehand.

This spot does some maple leaf flag-waving utilizing the voice over I recorded in that vintage trailer.

No, it’s not a movie trailer – it’s an old-timey newsreel announcer. Hear it by clicking the image below.

* * *


That agency trailer might be parked – but Formula One machines were meant to move.  Fast.

Keeping the Canadiana theme (#Canada150) this “trailer” gives you a taste of the new film by @DVM Pictures.  ‘Ghosts of the Grand Prix’ is a marvelous tribute to the 50th Anniversary of
the Canadian Grand Prix.

* * *


A slightly less dangerous form of racing takes us online for this test of nerves, strength & courage.

The team at Gamious brought me on board again for their latest online venture and wanted me to use my mad scientist character.  He happens to be Bavarian.  Happy Oktoberfest.
Please don’t drink & drive.  Hit it.

* * *


From an Oktoberfest voice-over vibe and Team Racing League – to slug-fest in October and the major leagues – our final highlight in the hit parade this time around is a spot for the MLB playoffs.

I was brought back again for the post-season as the folks at Evan Williams Bourbon reprise last year’s ad campaign for this year’s run-up to
the World Series.

* * *