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1st prize – Technical Achievement in Video

American Society for Reproductive Medicineclip_image001

‘Robotic Microinjection Toward Human ICSI’

Rory O’Shea – Narration




1)    MarCOM Awards: GOLD ‘Self Promotion’
2)    Ava Awards: PLATINUM ‘Sales Presentation’
3)    INSIGHT Awards: AWARD OF EXCELLENCE  (1st Place)
4)    WORLDFEST Awards: GOLD ‘Sales & Marketing’
5)    HERMES Awards: GOLD ‘Marketing’
6)    Videographer Awards: 2nd Place
7)    Telly Awards: BRONZE  ‘Sales’
8)    EMPixx Awards: GOLD ‘Sales’
9)    AEGIS Awards: 1st Place
10)   DAVEY Awards: GOLD ‘Video/Sales’

NARRATORS: Rory O’Shea & Sinead Ni Mhordha



 60-minute documentary
Best International Doc Award


 Swansea Bay Film Festival




Multi-media Mini Cooper production (national television spots /online /DVD )



Rory O’Shea – Narrator


West Lincoln Memorial Hospital

Project X-Ray Campaign:

‘THE X-FILES’narration-award_0

Narrated by Rory O’Shea

Multiple Awards:

  • Worldfest Awards – SILVER

Over 4500 entries from 37 countries with 60 entries in the ‘Fundraising’ category.

  • Videographer Awards – AWARD OF EXCELLENCE

1st Place ‘Fundraising’ /2100 international entries

  • MarCom Awards – GOLD ‘Fundraising’

Over 5,000 entries from the US and internationally

  • MarCom Awards – GOLD ‘Pro Bono’/ 134 entries in this category.
  • Ava Awards – PLATINUM ‘Fundraising’

Over 2200 entries from the US, Canada and other countries

  • Ava Awards – PLATINUM – ‘Pro Bono’

Recognizing the talents and generosity of the creative community with 61 entries in this special category.

  • AEGIS Awards –1st Place ‘Promotional/Sales’

3,500 entries from the US and Canada with 460 entries in the ‘Promotional/Sales’ category.

  • HERMES Awards – GOLD – ‘Fundraising’

Over 3,700 entries from the US and other countries/ 69 entries in ‘Fundraising’ category.

  • HERMES Awards – PLATINUM – ‘Pro Bono’

133 entries in the category.

  • TELLY Awards – 1st Place ‘Fundraising’

Honouring the finest video and film productions – over 13,000 entries from 50 states and 5 continents!


2010-AllStarLogo-94px-141px_0 constantcontactallstar_onlinelogo 09-All-Star-Email-Marketing-Logo_final


Dear Rory,

You’re using permission-based email marketing to help drive your business. You’ve communicated regularly with your customers and members. And they’re clearly interested in hearing from you! You’ve maintained sound permission-based email marketing and list management best practices.

All of these indicate to us that you made excellent use of Constant Contact. And we noticed!

That’s why we are proud to designate you as a Constant Contact All Star!

Gail Goodman
Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer