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Highlights from past voice acting & narration projects.

Halloween Hellayear

In 15 years of sending these updates never has the sentiment “I hope this finds you well” been more meaningful. My previous update was at the beginning of summer as Covid restrictions were being eased and people were eager to get outside post-lockdown.  It was cabin fever on a global scale. MINI USA wanted to…


CoVideo Narrations – The New Normal

So, what do you think of 2020 so far? We’re almost at the halfway mark and I haven’t determined if the  glass is half-empty, half-full or just fully nuts. Remember the nuttiest news of early 2020 was Planters killing off Mr. Peanut during the Superbowl?! But I digress. Transition to the “New Normal” has affected all industries and demographics –…


Fa La La La Festive Feuding

Warm wishes for a wonderful holiday season. From our little (?) elves, Dillon (12) and Teaghan (14) to you and yours. We hope it’s a happy time spent with family and friends. Let’s face it though, family can sometimes be a delicate balance. One minute you’re all hugs and festive cheer, the next minute you’re in a giant…