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Highlights from past voice acting & narration projects.

Feasting & Feuding

Hope you’ve been keeping well during this peaceful, calm, sane and wonderfully stable period in the history of mankind. Thanks for tolerating another quarterly update. While I attempt to exude an attitude of gratitude on a regular basis nothing beats a little annual reminder. Cue the turkey. Ahh, Thanksgiving. Our friends in the US celebrate the festive autumn…


In The Zone

For this voice-over/acting update I’d like to take you into the zone. Over the past 15 months I realize most of us have been zoned out in a world more like the Twilight Zone. But, if we can use a football metaphor for the pandemic, it appears, in North America at least, we’re in the end zone. You get…


The Good Variety Of “Airborne”

It’s been quite a ride since St. Patrick’s Day 2020. However, there’s light at the end of the Covid tunnel. (Ed. note: I’m not sure if Daylight Saving Time factors into that but I think we can get vaccinated an hour earlier (?) Spring is on our doorstep ~ and hope springs eternal. Hopefully you’ve been keeping safe…