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Questions? Get a FREE custom audition & quote for your project.

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Highlights from past voice acting & narration projects.

Riding Low & Flying High

Here’s your friendly reminder that I’m just a call or email away to discuss your voice-over narration requirements for that awesome project you’re currently cleverly creating. Make it awesomer. I’ll deliver what you need from my spiffy studio. There. That’s all. We’re sell-free the rest of the way. * * * Well, summer seemed to…


Studio Featured in Toronto Star

I last dropped you a line on St. Paddy’s Day. Since then I hope everything’s been a-ok. I try to get you these updates ASAP. I don’t want you to think I’m MIA. So let me get to the VO highlights PDQ. I noticed a trend in recent months with some voice-over clients that branded as acronyms, abbreviations or simply 3-lettered…


Blarney, Bloomsday and Building

Here’s wishing you health, happiness and some luck of the Irish thrown in for good measure with St. Patrick’s Day around the corner, March 17th. Our fave Irish eyes smile at you from the Emerald Isle coast. * * * * * Teaghan (13) and Dillon O’Shea (11) * * * * * Following our…