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Questions? Get a FREE custom audition & quote for your project.

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Highlights from past voice acting & narration projects.

Fa La La La Festive Feuding

Warm wishes for a wonderful holiday season. From our little (?) elves, Dillon (12) and Teaghan (14) to you and yours. We hope it’s a happy time spent with family and friends. Let’s face it though, family can sometimes be a delicate balance. One minute you’re all hugs and festive cheer, the next minute you’re in a giant…


Riding Low & Flying High

Here’s your friendly reminder that I’m just a call or email away to discuss your voice-over narration requirements for that awesome project you’re currently cleverly creating. Make it awesomer. I’ll deliver what you need from my spiffy studio. There. That’s all. We’re sell-free the rest of the way. * * * Well, summer seemed to…


Studio Featured in Toronto Star

I last dropped you a line on St. Paddy’s Day. Since then I hope everything’s been a-ok. I try to get you these updates ASAP. I don’t want you to think I’m MIA. So let me get to the VO highlights PDQ. I noticed a trend in recent months with some voice-over clients that branded as acronyms, abbreviations or simply 3-lettered…