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Highlights from past voice acting & narration projects.

In The Zone

For this voice-over/acting update I’d like to take you into the zone. Over the past 15 months I realize most of us have been zoned out in a world more like the Twilight Zone. But, if we can use a football metaphor for the pandemic, it appears, in North America at least, we’re in the end zone. You get…


The Good Variety Of “Airborne”

It’s been quite a ride since St. Patrick’s Day 2020. However, there’s light at the end of the Covid tunnel. (Ed. note: I’m not sure if Daylight Saving Time factors into that but I think we can get vaccinated an hour earlier (?) Spring is on our doorstep ~ and hope springs eternal. Hopefully you’ve been keeping safe…


Halloween Hellayear

In 15 years of sending these updates never has the sentiment “I hope this finds you well” been more meaningful. My previous update was at the beginning of summer as Covid restrictions were being eased and people were eager to get outside post-lockdown.  It was cabin fever on a global scale. MINI USA wanted to…