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Medical / Pharma / Scientific Narration

A medical voice over presentation demands a credible, authoritative voice plus comprehension of complex material, fluency in medical terminology & a delivery tailored to your professional or lay audience.

Medical presentations to professional audiences:medical
The professional and academic audiences for your medical presentation need, and expect, a clear and concise delivery by a “peer voice” – authoritative, fluent, and confidently conversational.  Also, they demand the voice be comfortable with, and correctly enunciate, difficult medical terminology. Audiences quickly spot any lapse.



Medical presentations to lay audiences and patients:
An entirely different approach is required in medical voice over presentations to a non-medical audience, particularly when that includes seniors or children. Rory’s calm, compassionate delivery and deliberately slower tempo moves the emphasis to explanation and audience comprehension of unfamiliar and possibly intimidating material.

How can we be of help?
imedge provides professional experience in medical & pharmaceutical voice over narration. Contact us for further information or a quote.  Our FREE demo service provides a custom audition to you within 24 hours from your provided script with a quote for the full job.

  • Medical training/eLearning audio/video
  • Pharmaceutical product launches
  • Medical conferences
  • Medical webinars & podcasts
  • Multimedia medical presentations
  • Medical PowerPoint presentations
  • Medical instructional CDs/DVDs