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Heather Pollock
Heather Pollock
A true talent, and an absolute pleasure to work with.
Jack Ballo
Jack Ballo
Working with Rory was over and above my expectations for our film's narration. He was knowledgeable, patient and understanding throughout the session sharing his own thoughts and suggestions as we worked together on the project. Looking forward to working with Rory again!
Harbinder Singh
Harbinder Singh
A true professional and an all-star in the world of voice overs. I brought Rory on to be our voice on Family Feud Canada and he has done an epic job! Excellent to work with, always available when we need him. He has got us out of many jams with recording last minute voice overs 5 minutes to air. Thank you Rory! I would high recommend him for any of your productions.
Stephen Warden
Stephen Warden
Rory's the definition of pro, and his studio is an inspiring and comfortable space. Proud to have known and worked with him many times over the years!
Lynn Murphy
Lynn Murphy
Review from Jelly Studio Inc. During the past six years, Rory has provided top-notch voice-over narration for a diverse array of projects including videos, all requiring his expertise to: swiftly determine precisely what’s required; add astute, incisive nuance; cast impeccable auxiliary talent for complex scripts with additional roles and consistently captivate with his flawless delivery—Rory is always ready to accommodate and a pleasure to work with.
BeautyOfScience BOS
BeautyOfScience BOS
We have worked with Rory for several science animations. He is very professional and patient and his voice brings additional quality to the final animations. Highly recommended!
Kevin Campbell
Kevin Campbell
Rory is a class-act! His talent and professionalism shine through in any task we have given him and he is very fun to work with. Highly recommended.
Rod Heinz
Rod Heinz
Rory has been my go to voice talent for 12 years. Professional, fast, and brings creativity and enthusiasm to his craft.
Sam Photoshop
Sam Photoshop
Rory is one of the top in the business. We are happy to have them as the official voice for the CRAFTSMAN brand in Canada. He fits the brand perfectly - I would highly recommend him for any voice over work.
I've had the pleasure working with Rory for years. Great voice and very talented.


 e-Learning Narration – In the Beginning:

Computer-Based Training (CBT) emerged in the 1960s as a versatile, effective and time-efficient/cost-efficient teaching method that eventually replaced traditional correspondence courses and in-class teaching and training.
In 1999 the term electronic learning (e-learning) became the new name that we use to this day. Studies show that voiceover accompanying the written word greatly enhances the learning experience and overall comprehension and retention for those taking the course. However, the voice talent you select to teach for eLearning must know how learning itself is accomplished and how to relate one-on-one with the learner.

 eLearning – The Current Landscape:

With a world upended due to the COVID pandemic, the need for people to adjust their lifestyles and routines was drastic but necessary. A massive component of this tectonic shift created the need for many to work and learn from home. Companies worldwide scrambled to procure, assign, create, produce and distribute e-Learning courses in thousands of specialties and subject matter. Hundreds of millions of people internationally require educational, instructional content for virtually every field imaginable. A major piece of your e-learning puzzle is finding the right eLearning voiceovers.


Your e-Learning Voice Talent Must Know How to BE a teacher!

If the eLearning narration comes across as disinterested, dry or obviously read from a script, the quality of learning will be compromised. Your vocal instructor must be a skilled voice over talent and understand how to convey the material AND connect to the learner, being familiar with pronunciations, terminology, slang, acronyms, etc. within the content and be able to deliver a comfortably professional and encouraging vocal tone, as if seated with the student while guiding them through the lesson.

 A Certain Amount of Passion for the Subject Must Come Through

 If you want your students to be excited about the topic or lecture the eLearning narration must convey this in tone, pacing and overall delivery. Whatever the e-learning subject, from medical, pharmaceutical and scientific tutorials to accounting, design or the hospitality industry, learning should be engaging! Our e-learning voice over talents’ expertise ensures that it is.

Clients* / Courses** / Curriculum***

Genentech *
Toyota – ‘A3 Report Writing’ **
SONY – ‘Compliance’**
ORACLE – ‘Global Anti-Corruption’ **
CISCO – ‘Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation’ **
INTEL – ‘GMET Training’ **
Corporate Class Incorporated – ‘Executive Presence’ **
2D Animation ***
SanDisk – ‘Code of Conduct’ **
Real Estate Council of Ontario*
Kimberly-Clark – ‘Leadership’**

GARTNER – ‘Code of Conduct’ **
Canadian Securities International*
Toronto Transit Commission (TTC)*
ESSO / Exxon-Mobil (international training modules)**
Valeo – ‘Global Anti-Trust’ **
The Art of Storytelling **
Graphic Design***
Humorous Illustration***
Tata Communications – ‘Code of Conduct’ **

Ontario Lottery & Gaming Corporation*
DELOITTE – ‘GAC/Anti-Bribery’ **
Hydro One*
Hardinge – ‘Code of Conduct’ **
NAFTA Training**
Intermediate CBT (computer based training)**
Introduction to Hospitality***
CITRIX – ‘Social Media’ **
Sun Life*