TV Program VO
We love to inform, engage and entertain with the medium of television. If you’re searching for a voice over artist with the voice over talent to deliver the energy, emotion and even the comic timing to help make your show a hit – your quest ends here.

Television show narration is a vital part of the program’s flow. A skilled voice actor is performing as much as the actors on screen, or even more so if the people on screen aren’t actors at all. The TV show narrator needs to bridge the gaps and help relay the story including documentary narration.

From making that crucial first impression with the program’s intro right through to the closing credits we’ll add the perfect vocal texture to your 22 or 45 minutes of content.

Whether you’re in need of a voice talent that can be dramatic and authoritative, or a voice over professional that can present the perfect tongue-in-cheek delivery to make your production come together, try us for your free custom voice over audition.

Documentary Narration
Marshall McLuhan said “The medium is the message.”
When the medium is television and the vehicle is a documentary, creating the message demands a very special skill set of the voice over actor.

A Challenge to the Voice-Over Actor
In many documentary narration fields, such as history or science, presentations with back-to-back film footage are rare. There were no handi-cams to visually capture the dinosaurs on Earth, watch Nero taking fiddle lessons, or look over DaVinci’s shoulder. Therefore, film content can be sparse and the interpretive and storytelling skills of the voice over actor are essential to success.

When graphical content is mainly comprised of still images from photographs, paintings, diagrams, documents, etc., the voice over actor must work with that on-screen material to create and sustain the pace & tone while injecting proper emotion to sustain the viewer’s interest.

We’ll Keep Your Viewers Engaged
At imedge, regardless of the documentary topic, our voice talent delivers a polished performance – telling the story in an authoritative & informed manner while projecting the interest you wish your audience to mirror.