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Electronic learning (e-learning), or Computer-Based Training (CBT), has emerged as a versatile, effective and time/cost-efficient teaching method, replacing traditional correspondence courses and in-class teaching and training. Studies show that voice over accompanying written word greatly enhance the learning experience and overall comprehension & retention for individuals taking the course.

However, the voice artist you select to teach on your behalf must know how learning is accomplished and how to relate one-on-one to the students.

Your e-learning voice actor must know how to BE a teacher!
If the narration comes across as disinterested or dry, or as obviously read from a script, the quality of learning will be compromised. Your vocal instructor must understand how convey the material AND connect to your listener, being familiar with all pronunciations, terminology, slang or acronyms contained in the content and be able to inject a comfortably professional and encouraging presence, as if seated with the student while guiding them through the lesson.

A certain amount of passion for the subject must come through
If you want your students to be excited about the topic or lecture, the voice over must convey this in tone, pacing and overall delivery. Whatever the e-learning subject, from medical tutorials to accounting, design, or the hospitality industry, learning should be engaging! Our e-learning voice talent’s expertise ensures that it is.