Rory’s accents are varied plus he alters his timbre, cadence and even pitch so well…easy to cast in multiple roles within the same episode.

Dee ShipleyAnimation Casting Director 

Your voice over was a great success and my boss was really blown away. A good voice makes such a huge difference. I hope to have the opportunity to work with you again.

Benedict EndlerSwitzerland

Versatile, dependable, cooperative, and delightful to work with every time.

Marilyn Nicholas-DahanPromo Producer, Editor The Weather Network

No one can prattle off “IgE mediated eosinophil production is induced by compounds released by basophils and mast cells, including eosinophil chemotactic factor of anaphylaxis, leukotriene B4, complement complex (C5-C6-C7), interleukin 5, and histamine” quite like Rory can. And without retakes or breathing I might add 🙂

Cameron McCleeryMedical Narration

Great voice!  Fits perfect for our projects.

Corrado MagalottiStudio Owner / Engineer - Italy

Rory is versatile, has a beautiful voice, and is an excellent producer as well. I’d say he’s a 10 🙂

Tina GladstoneTina Gladstone Productions Inc.

Rory was a top notch pro on our Chevron promo! Excellent!

Nick SandersLos Angeles

A great voice and a true pro. Quick, versatile, and easy to work worth.


I’ve used Rory for a number of projects for marketing and technical videos, and he has always been a great fit!

Bear WeiterWombat Studios

Best voice over talent I’ve used in years.

Russell LashCalifornia