No one can prattle off “IgE mediated eosinophil production is induced by compounds released by basophils and mast cells, including eosinophil chemotactic factor of anaphylaxis, leukotriene B4, complement complex (C5-C6-C7), interleukin 5, and histamine” quite like Rory can. And without retakes or breathing I might add 🙂

Cameron McCleeryMedical Narration

I have worked with Rory over 10 years in producing voice-over recordings for medical animation projects. It was always a pleasure working with him and he was always well prepared and very professional.

Nicholas SearleMedical Narration

We’ve worked with Rory numerous times. His work is always top-quality, and always delivered on time. Will definitely work with him again.

Heather HossfeldMedical Narration

I’ve had the pleasure and professional privilege of working with Rory on some of the most complicated and important projects for clients all across the world. Every interaction’s been a huge success and I’d always reach out to Rory as my go-to.

Jason FlowerdayMedical Narration

We’ve worked with Rory for over a decade. The quality of his voice work and his customer service are second to none. Rory has voiced dozens of our scientific animation and interactive projects. He nails the scientific jargon and always manages to set the right tone for the audience.

Jason SharpeBiomedical Animation

Rory has provided top professional quality narratives for my companies from scientific explanation to medical device operation to industrial production of clean tech material. My go-to person for our voice work.

Sam VisaisoukToronto

Rory’s voice work is always polished and professional. He has an excellent voice and an amazing ability to narrate complicated topics. Rory is a true talent and has my highest recommendation.

Ken Meacham, PhD

I’ve worked with Rory on many projects for a variety of different applications. He brings it every time. Rory is versatile, professional, accommodating, has pipes to die for and can pronounce words that most humans wouldn’t attempt. In short, Rory makes it easy. And in our business that’s music to the ears.

Neil Craig

I have worked with Rory for years. Incredibly competent, professional, and accommodating of specific project needs. What makes him my personal favorite is that he thoroughly gets to know his subject matter before recording, making working with him an absolute breeze.

Cameron SlaydenMedical Animation

I have been partnering with Rory for seven years. Rory has a great voice. His cadence is consistent, so if you need to update content, he makes it really easy.

Renee SheaSan Francisco