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Successful Summit – yet War Imminent

Marketers and advertising agencies say – grab an email recipient’s attention with the subject line.  As in… “Successful Summit – yet War Imminent.” No, this isn’t about world leaders chumming around or the threat of pushing... read more

St. Patrick’s Day Highlights!

Well hello there! Hope life is being good to you.  Just poking my head in as a friendly reminder for voice over & narration services provided from a spiffy studio. Drop me a line any time for a free custom audition & quote for whatever you’re working on... read more

Voice Over Trailers. Literally.

I trust this finds you well. Back into your groove following summer – when you hopefully had some time to chill. We were lucky enough to visit Vancouver Island, British Columbia – a little piece of paradise called Tofino – about as far west as you... read more

Pot O’ Golden Arches

Happy St. Patrick’s Week! When you grew up in a household with Irish parents you rarely celebrated Ireland’s patron saint on just one day!   Pokin’ me head in for a wee bit to say hello, wish you well and share some recent highlights from my acting... read more

Dr. Seussian Narration

Season’s Greetings! Sending warm wishes with the start of winter & the end of the year.   We hope you can spend time with family & friends.  Furry and otherwise. Looking forward to reconnecting in 2017. Health, happiness & peace …and narration.... read more

Kidding Around

It’s Canadian Thanksgiving.  So I’d like to thank you for being part of my life – in a business capacity, as an associate, friend or family member.  (If stateside, same sentiment applies during American Thanksgiving next month) I’d also like to... read more

In the Presence of Drake

Hoping this finds you well and perhaps planning time to relax over the next couple of months.  In the meantime it’s the ol’ nose to the grindstone.  Or in my case – mouth to the microphone.  The grindstone deal sounds painful. What has the coolio... read more

Reporting for Duty on ABC & CBS

Warm greetings on this special day.  Spring’s around the corner and it’s St. Patrick’s Day! * * * * *   Teaghan,10, has been Irish dancing for six years. Dillon, 8, has evidently morphed into Zoro the Leprechaun. * * * * *  * * * * *   As Irish luck... read more

Several Seasons to Celebrate

Hey there, hi there & ho ho ho there! Happy December. Here I am to spread my own unique brand of festive joy with the holiday season upon us.The other season is almost here. Winter. Jack Frost officially rings our bell at  11:58 pm (ET) on December 21st. Around... read more

Freedom, Liberty & App Migration

Back from a few days in NYC. Took pics below of Lady Liberty . Wanted to really get inside her head. So we did. Fun with friends ascending interior spiral staircase. Not for the faint of heart – or heights. * * * * *  * * * * * A French gift to the US in 1886,... read more

Suiting-up for Work

I hope you had a chance to enjoy those summer months/weeks/days.   Alas, *blink* GONE! We were lucky to embark on an August road trip to Canada’s beautiful east coast, including whale-watching, Sea-doo-ing, sea-fooding & sight-seeing. And plenty of driving:... read more

Cross-Border Birthdays + Trailer VO

Friendly salutations to my American friends & clients – happy 4th of July in advance! I hope you enjoy some time with family & friends. If you hear partying & fireworks from your upstairs neighbours it’s because we’re doing some national... read more

Voice Over Branding – The Weather Network

As the branding voice for Canada’s national televised weather channel, The Weather Network, I have the pleasure of providing voice over intros & extros, on a weekly basis, for the various on-air weather features and segments. As with most voice branding or imaging... read more

VO Range: Serious to Light

 If you’re like me you’re counting the days before a little summertime R&R.  But before I put my feet up I’ll be giving them a workout in the Relay for Life June 13th in Toronto, raising funds in the fight against cancer.   I lost mum to... read more

Same Sound – New Look

 I trust you’ve dusted off the cobwebs from old man winter and are perhaps enjoying nice temperatures for the first time in 2015.  Toronto experienced its coldest winter in 4000 years.  And now we’re in that sweet spot with the thermometer somewhere... read more

Irish / Spring Update

If you’re lucky enough to be Irish, you’re lucky enough. Regardless of your heritage I hope this day – and every day – finds you well and with a smile.  And if you find you’re in need of a narrator for a project – as luck would have... read more