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Dillon (6.96 yrs) & Teaghan (9)
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A we prepare to nog some eggs and fire up the chestnuts here’s hoping you can spend time with family and friends over the holiday season.

Whatever you celebrate may it be full of joy, happiness & peace.  Thank you for being an important part of my world – whether as a client, associate, friend or family. 
Here’s to your health and success in the year ahead.

Below are some recent voice over & acting highlights.

Gold has always been worth it’s weight in, well, gold.  Hey, if it was good enough for baby Jesus.  Appreciate the frankincense and myrrh all the same. 

I had a golden opportunity to narrate a 2-hour documentary: ‘The Quest for Gold‘ on the National Geographic Channel which airs: 

Sunday, December 21st @ 9pm (ET).   

Watch trailer – click here

There’s gold in them thar hills.  For others it’s in them thar casinos.  The folks at Niagara Fallsview Casino took a gamble and hired me as their voice for radio advertising in Southern Ontario and Western New York –  announcing cool entertainment acts scheduled to appear.
I believe they pay me in chips.

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Niagara Fallsview Casino (aptly named)

 While some get cash & gifts of gold over the holidays – many expect nothing but feel blessed to receive livestock or school supplies.

As a sponsor of two foster children for years I was honoured to voice this Canadian national television spot for World Vision:
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World Vision - Professional Voice Over by Rory O'Shea
– World Vision –
Professional Voice Over by Rory O’Shea
It’s fun stepping out from behind the microphone and play in front of a camera.  This play date occurred with my faux family for
As a friend claimed when seeing the spot:  
Nice when the grandkids visit.”  Cute.
(click image below to watch)
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Intel - 'Movie Night' - Rory O'Shea as
Intel – ‘Movie Night’ – Rory O’Shea as “dad”
CHFI radio holiday commercial
CHFI radio – holiday spot with Dillon O’Shea
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This is back in festive rotation for the third holiday season.  Our wee boy in the red bow tie was 4 when this was shot.